Church Care:

This is a great ministry to get connected with people and spread the love of Christ. This team calls those who have been out with illness, visit those in the hospital and the shut-ins. They are readily available with a prayer or a hug for those in need.

Have you decided to make us your home church and want to put your passion or special talent to work? Great! We have many areas in the church that you can plug into. Here are just a few:

Sound & Media:

The Sound & Media team are always on the move. They make sure mics are working, instruments are heard and the sermons are being recorded. This team does so much behind the scenes but they do it all for the Lord.

Usher & Parking:

Our Usher & Parking team has an important part of the church. They greet those coming in and out of the church, they're there for anyone in need of help getting from their vehicles, they oversee parking including parking vehicles and they take up the offering for the Lord.


This is an excellent opportunity to reach the youth in this community. Our youth are being taught that the church needs them now for their energy and excitement but also for the future of our church. Breakthrough Ministries are equipping our youth to handle the struggles that teens face today and how to handle the situations they will be faced with as adults.

Community Outreaches:

This is an important part of our church to reach the lost in our area.

We have:

Vacation Bible School

Easter Egg Hunts

Christmas Parades


Thanksgiving and Christmas giving outreaches

Back-to-School giving outreaches

Fall Bash

Hospitality Team:

Our Hospitality Team impacts many areas of the church. They oversee special events when the kitchen is needed. They greet those coming in and out of the church. They are a shoulder to cry on and an encouraging word when in need.

Kids & Nursery:

Our Kids & Nursery teams have the future of the church in their hands. They reach children by songs, crafts, games and sermons. The children of the church are not the church in waiting, but are part of the church now. They are being taught how to worship God and shown the love of the Lord as they are, not for when they grow up.

Praise & Worship Team:

Our Praise & Worship team leads us into the Throne Room of God each service. Our teams are lead by Rev. Bethany Crouch, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Vocal Performance. Our band and Praise Team offer contemporary and traditional Christian music. But no matter fast or slow, Jesus is the center of the praise.